Uncertainty and Inner Peace

Reflections – sentence by sentence, moment by moment

The current uncertain times we are living in are a reminder of the uncertainty of existence and of how important it is to remain grounded in the present moment.

Frequent stopping and re-centering in the present moment brings us closer to the ever present stillness that is the background to all activity.

Many of us will be concerned not only about ourselves but also about relatives and friends, especially those who are vulnerable and perhaps lonely.

It is important to remember that it is natural for fear and anxiety to arise in times of uncertainty, even when we try to be still. 

We accept all states of mind as being the flow of nature.

The answer is not to try and stop the flow, but to notice it, to bring our attention to the exhaling breath, and to surrender and accept in our bodies whatever we are experiencing.

It can help when we do so, by saying to ourselves that “right now it’s just like this”… and sit with that. 

In all circumstances there is a ‘knower’ and there is what is known. Be the ‘knower’.

If the quiet reflection is pleasant or calming, enjoy it, but don’t try to hold on to it. 

If it is unpleasant and unsettling, let it be as it is, and just sit with it.

In both cases you will be closer to the way things are. 

Even after an uncomfortable sitting or moment of reflection, you will feel strangely better and calmer.

True happiness and well-being can only arise when we are attuned to the way things are. 

Only in acceptance can we find a deeper peace within.

Whatever our circumstances, we can wish well to all those who are not as fortunate as we might be. 

Whatever well-being we may be experiencing, we can share it in our minds, our hearts and in our interactions with others.

18 March 2020