Online Day of Practice – 8 August 2020

‘The Great Exploration’

Led by Randula Haththotuwa.

Brown Canoe in the Body of Water Near Mountain
Why are we here? What’s the point of it all?
– Why is life not fair? 
Where did we come from? What are we made of? 
 – What’s happening out there? 

Questions that humans seek answers to.
Questions lending to countless quests and explorations.
Explorations that leave us with yet more questions.
Only this one human life – how will we ever get to the answer?

So, is it then worth searching for answers?
Are we then just trapped in this darkness?  
Do we just accept unanswered questions?
Or do we go back to the drawing board and wonder,

Are we asking the right question?
Are we looking in the right place?
What is the right question?
Where is the right place? 

Are there those who have asked the right question? 
Found an end to this cycle?
What Truth did they find? What question did they ask?
Where did they look? What did they do?

Should we ask the same question? How can we trust it?
Where do we explore? Where will it take us?
Is that a quest we wish to embark on? 
Will that be the end to our questions?