Online Day of Practice – 26 June 2021

Shall we go on a holiday?

Led by Randula Haththotuwa

Where will we go on holiday?
It is the ‘summer holiday’ season. It intrigues me how one can get so obsessed and look forward to a holiday. More so now perhaps since we have been in lockdown but maybe we should stop to wonder – where actually are we going? What are we seeking?  🤔
Is it ultimately satisfying?  Or is it possible that we are been taken for a ‘ride’, another marketing gimmick of Samsara?  🤥
If that is so, then why do we keep hopping on this bus? What makes us keep taking it? 
Is it because we can’t see an alternative? Is there an alternative? Or are we to be just helpless victims? 
What if we did see this? What if we did see that a happiness dependent on the sense world is ultimately unstatisfactory? It does not last. It cannot completely satisfy us. 
Do we have the wisdom – and the compassion for ourselves to then move away from something so unreliable, from that which won’t completely satisfy us? Will we begin to look elsewhere?
Do we have it within us to do this? What if we did do it? We did stop looking out there? What will we be left with? 
And if it is not out there, where else will it be? Is it then right here? Is it ultimately within me?  Where I am? Is that where I will find a more reliable holiday? Is it possible for me to then experience a true holiday, wherever I happen to be –  both on ‘holiday’ and in my everyday mundane existence?

… Is this beginning to sound like a holiday worth investing in.. ?

Structure to the day

The day will start with an optional early morning sitting meditation. You can start joining us at 6am and the morning puja and meditation will be from 6.30-7.30am

Then we will have a break for breakfast and restart the main programme for the day at 9.25am which will start with a short orientation talk at 9.35 am.  The day finishes at 4.30pm. 

The day includes  periods of guided and silent meditation practice with a break around midday, followed by reflections on the theme and Q & A. 

You can download the programme from here

Those new to Buddhism or to this tradition are welcome.  


Booking is required for online Days of Practice during these times of social distancing. We will email you an online registration form few days before the day. Please let us know your email address if you would like to receive it, [email protected].

Joining on the day and further guidance

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