Online Day of Practice – 20 February 2021

A handful of leaves

led by Martin Evans

The Buddha taught only what is useful to free us from suffering.
Our task is to use his teaching for the purpose it is intended.  
It is a simple message – keep things simple – go to the core of the teachings.
And what is the core – the essence?  

It is the four noble truths:

‘This is suffering; this is the origin of suffering;
this is the cessation of suffering;
this is the way leading to the cessation of suffering.’

Structure to the day

You can start joining the online group at 9.25am and there will be a short orientation talk at 9.35 am.  The day finishes at 4.30pm. 

The day includes  periods of guided and silent meditation practice with a break around midday, followed by reflections on the theme, opportunity for personal reflection in small break out groups and Q & A. 

Those new to Buddhism or to this tradition are welcome.  

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Booking is required for online Days of Practice during these times of social distancing. We will email you an online registration form few days before the day. Please let us know your email address if you would like to receive it, [email protected].

Joining on the day and further guidance

Further instructions on online days of practice can be found here