Online Day of Practice – 24 October 2020

‘Generosity & Gratitude’

Led by Ajahn Amaro, Abbott of Amaravati Buddhist Monastery

It is the end of the three months of Vassa or the rainy seasons retreat in the Theravada Buddhist Calendar. During this period the monastic community reside on retreat within their monasteries whilst the lay community make more of an effort in their own spiritual practice, whilst supporting the monastics.

The end of this period is marked with Pavarana (Inviting ceremony), where monks gather together and admit to their own short-comings whilst also humbly remaining open to other monks pointing out their faults, seeking for forgiveness and a promise to not commit the same offence again. 

This is followed by Kathina, the robe offering ceremony where the lay community offer a piece of cloth (Kathina cloth) – to the whole monastic community along with other requisites. The monks then choose amongst themselves, the monastic who has successfully completed the rains-retreat to accept the Kaṭhina robe. the Kaṭhina robe offering ceremony is celebrated as the largest festival among traditional Buddhists in the world.

So this month we are delighted that our day of practice falls on the day before Kathina  (24th of October)  on the theme of ‘Generosity and Gratitude’ and we are so pleased  that the Abbott of Amaravati, Ajahn Amaro will be joining us and leading the day.

Please note, that it would be an earlier start at 9.00am on Saturday 24 October. The day will include periods of guided and silent meditation practice with a break around midday, followed by reflections on the theme by Ajahn Amaro and Q & A. The day will end at 4.30 pm. 

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