Days of Practice 2022

Jan 15Nick CarrollONLINE
Feb 19Martin EvansONLINE
March 4-6 (weekend retreat)Martin and RandulaONLINE
March 19Randula HaththotuwaONLINE
April 16Jenna GhouseONLINE
May 14Randula (morning);
Ajahn Khemaka (afternoon)
June 18Martin EvansHYBRID
July 16 Nick CarrollHYBRID
Aug 13Randula HaththotuwaHYBRID
Sep 17Nick CarrollHYBRID
Oct 22Jenna GhouseHYBRID
Nov 5Ajahn Amaro, introduced by Nick CarrollHYBRID
Dec 3Martin EvansHYBRID

The days of practice will be online and in-person. They include  periods of guided and silent meditation practice with a break around midday, followed by reflections on the theme, opportunity for personal reflection in small break out groups and Q & A.

Those new to Buddhism or to this tradition are welcome. 

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Health considerations

Please note that our events are not intended as a treatment for mental health conditions. Meditation and periods of silence can be experienced by some as quite challenging. If you have any concerns that you might be detrimentally affected by participating in one of our day events or retreats, please discuss your concerns with a relevant mental health professional before registering.

Should you experience any difficulties whilst participating in one of our events and require support, please contact a relevant mental health professional as we are not able to offer support through a crisis online.