ALBA retreats 2021

Retreat Centre Shrine Room

Retreat Centre Shrine Room

Our next ALBA retreat will be held online on zoom – 10th to 12th of September 2021 led by Randula Haththotuwa and Martin Evans.

My friend, I sense that there is this heart
That is within us all, under a dune of dust

That doesn’t divide, envy or  resent 
That doesn’t despise, fume or lament
That doesn’t fear, push away or tremble
That doesn’t hold on, with lust or entangle

That is still and soft as stones fall upon us
That stands up tall as the earth slips away beneath us
That loves and shelters in storms that drench us
That shines and glows even as the sun sets upon us
That sees neither you nor I and nothing in between us

Unfathomable! you say, how can such a heart exist?
Alas! I say, what if existence is a myth?

You can book on this retreat now, please email, if you are interested.

 There will be periods of silent sitting and walking practice, Q&A and shared exploration of the theme. The retreat will start at 8.00pm on the Friday and end at 5.00pm on Sunday.

You can download a copy of the programme here

We understand  trying to follow  a full retreat schedule at home may not be practical for some so you are welcome to join for some of the sessions during the weekend when you are able to, though we encourage you to join us for as much of the retreat as possible.  We are not limiting the numbers who can join the retreat so you will not be depriving someone else of a place if you can’t join for the whole time. 

However, you do need to register in advance and we would ask for everyone to join us for the start of the retreat on Friday evening.

For some guidance for online ALBA retreats click here

For more information or to book on the retreat please email: